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Current Games

Children of Liberty

Version: 0.4.1

The Regulars are Marching! Are you ready to take on the Colonial occupying forces with nothing but the shadows and your toy collection to help you?

Coming Soon for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Das Sub


Get it on Google Play

Created for the "One Game a Month" challenge, Das Sub puts you at the wheel of a submarine in a dynamically generated cave. Touch the screen to go up, let go to go down. Avoid the walls and sea mines!

Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief


Current Version: 0.2
Download (Windows)

Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief is a puzzle/stealth game created by Dan Silvers for the 2012 Stealth Jam. Play as the titular character Moonlight, ransacking castles for all their treasure. Leave no survivors! Available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will hopefully by available at a later date.


Current Version: 0.1
Download (Windows)

Simini is a small, Sim-like game created by Dan Silvers for Ludum Dare #23. It is available for Windows. ZIP includes executable and Multimedia Fusion source file.

Children of Liberty - PAX East 2013 Trailer

Recent Children of Liberty Press

pcgamerPC Gamer

Papercraft prowling: Children of Liberty is a 2D/3D stealth platformer


Stealth game Children of Liberty pits kids against Redcoats in colonial America



Children Of Liberty Mixes 2D Stealth, American Revolution


‘Children of Liberty’ Gets a New Trailer for the New Year

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