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September 22, 2020



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Explore the colorful world of the Canvas in a mind-bending, block breaking experience. Spin your paddle around fields of artistic creations with dynamically generated challenges to unleash the treasures hidden within. Compete against the world in multiple game modes, create your own masterpieces using the Mondrian Maker level editor, and gather Gems to build a magnificent Art Museum. Immerse yourself in an arcade experience like no other, with Razer Chroma™ RGB integration, and an all original, lively soundtrack. Mondrian – Plastic Reality is jam-packed with one hundred levels, and hundreds more from the community are just a click away! The Canvas is waiting.


The original Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty was released on September 21, 2015 for PC. We spent a year adding to and improving the game, giving players a brand new scoring system, new levels, new game modes, overall improved gameplay, and hand-painted background art. We eventually brought the game to Washington DC to display it during the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Indie Arcade exhibit, and won the 2016 Indie Revolution Expo's Audience Choice Award. Toward the end of Abstraction in Beauty's development, we began kicking ideas around for a follow-up, and what it should include. The biggest demand we kept hearing from our community was "Level Editor!" so we developed Mondrian Maker, an easy to use but powerful editor for the game that opened up massive possibilities that had not existed previously. Using Mondrian Maker, levels can now include multiple shapes, scales and angles, modifiers, and even painted colors. Levels are now saved as shareable external files, which can be shared at our mod.io page. Of course, an editor is only as good as the game behind it, and while we had established a strong core with the original Mondrian, we wanted to take things to the next level. With this one, we introduced 5 playable characters, each of which are getting dedicated stories in a new Campaign game mode.


  • Accelerate your paddle clockwise and counter-clockwise in a mind-bending, innovative twist on classic arcade gameplay.
  • Never play the same exact level twice as dynamically generated challenges and visuals modify every handmade creation from the ground up.
  • Express yourself with the Mondrian Maker level editor and Mondrian Studio photo mode, both included with the game!
  • Compete with your friends in multiple game modes and Leaderboard types, from high scores to best times, and live event-based challenges.
  • Award-winning accessibility options including game speed, difficulty, multiple controller UI’s, night mode, and more.


Mondrian - Plastic Reality: Anniversary Update Trailer YouTube

Razer Chroma RGB Integration | Mondrian - Plastic Reality YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Accessibility and Inclusion Winner" BostonFIG Fest Figgie Awards, 2022
  • "Jury Selection" BostonFIG Fest, September 2019
  • "Indie Finalist" MassDiGI Game Challenge, February, 2019
  • "Indie of the Year, Top 100" IndieDB, December 2018

Selected Articles

  • "“A must-try for gamers who appreciate innovative gameplay and vibrant aesthetics.”"
    - Daria Tsapulina, FreeAppsForMe

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About Lantana Games

Lantana Games is an independent game development studio in Boston, creating games that delight, inspire, and innovate on the artform in surprising, colorful, and positive ways. We’ve built our reputation as a remote studio dedicated to fostering the next generation of game developers.

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Mondrian - Plastic Reality Credits

Danny Silvers
Game Director

Danny Silvers, Tim Graupmann

Danny Silvers, Hannah Rodgers, Anna Hegyaljai, Andrew Kreckler, Manning Peter, Annie Cheng, Brian Wang
Level and Game Design

Christine Amato, Ilayda Hanci, Siana DiGregorio, Haley Hien, Hayden Fitt, Veronica Funk, Ashley Murphy, Anna Hegyaljai, Malik Collier, Mike Mancuso, Manning Peter, Kim Kogut, Karen Layman, Chenylle Mercado, Samantha Mottsinger, Madison Ridgdill, Danny Silvers, Bridget Simms, Devin Yang, Alexis Zarrow
Art and Animation

Maxime Engel, Hannah Hoyt, Davidjohn Blodgett

Maxime Engel, Steven Blevins, Davidjohn Blodgett

Stacia Legacie

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