Lantana Games™ is an independent game development team in Boston, MA. If we don't love our games, then neither will you.


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Current Games

Children of Liberty

Version: EX8

The Regulars are Marching! Are you ready to take on the Colonial occupying forces with nothing but the shadows and your toy collection to help you?

Early Access Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Das Sub


Get it on Google Play

Created for the "One Game a Month" challenge, Das Sub puts you at the wheel of a submarine in a dynamically generated cave. Touch the screen to go up, let go to go down. Avoid the walls and sea mines!

Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief


Current Version: 0.2
Download (Windows)

Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief is a puzzle/stealth game created by Dan Silvers for the 2012 Stealth Jam. Play as the titular character Moonlight, ransacking castles for all their treasure. Leave no survivors! Available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will hopefully by available at a later date.


Current Version: 0.1
Download (Windows)

Simini is a small, Sim-like game created by Dan Silvers for Ludum Dare #23. It is available for Windows. ZIP includes executable and Multimedia Fusion source file.


Lantana Games is an independent game development team located in Boston, MA and founded by graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design. With a focus on artistic uniqueness and heavily refined gameplay in everything we make, we believe that if we don't love our games, neither will you. Lantana Games was founded in 2009 and is made up of a dilligent team working from their respective attics.


Lantana Games was founded in November, 2009. We have focused on 2D game development for Windows PC's and the web.

Our first forray into commercial game development is Children of Liberty, a 2.5D stealth platformer for PC and Mac.

Lantana Games had a very small Kickstarter for Children of Liberty in 2011. Otherwise the game has been family funded from its inception.


Some of the games we have developed, as individuals or as a team, include:

The Children of Liberty Crew


Dan Silvers
Resident Game Designer

Dan is a Boston-native and self-described "Photoshop Junkie." He spends his time working, trying new foods, and staying healthy. Dan's love of game design goes back to his childhood when he would make board games for fun after school, writing design docs for fun, and taking any graphics and programming classes he could find. He eventually ended up at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he received a degree in Interactive Design and Game Development. Since graduating, he has helped to form Lantana Games and the Boston Festival of Indie Games, a yearly mini-convention at MIT dedicated to showcasing independent games from the New England Area.

Julia Smith
Resident Creative Director


Brian Wang
Resident Programmer


Rob Jaret
Resident Audio Director

Rob has the unique perspective of having rich experiences in both the technological and creative worlds. His credits in film and television include work on PBS' American Experience, the Corbin Bernsen film 25 Hill andthe award winning short-film, "Morocco to Israel". HIs first forays into games include Lantana's "Lazris the Bunny" as well as some choice chip-tunes for Akhiabara HTML5 game engine demos. Before becoming a full-time composer/sound guy, he worked for 15+ years as a software engineer and tech lead. He is a graduate in Physics from RPI and Film Scoring and Jazz Performance from Berklee. Rob's mission on COL is to use historically accurate foley and music with his programming skills to create a convincing and interactive sonic world that provides the kind of suspense and feedback necessary for a fun stealth title. Check him out at http://robjaret.com/

Michael Winn


Ricky Bryant Jr.

Ricky Bryant Jr. is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has a BFA in Computer Art and an MFA Sequential Art. He is a Washington DC native who long ago came to terms with the fact that he is a grown man who still enjoys cartoons and comic books. As a freelance artist and animator, he has worked as a clean-up animator on Skullgirls and is currently helping with animation on the official Otakon game. His ultimate goal is to do art related things full time...and pay off his student loans. He really hates those.


Dory Codington
Historical Adviser


Brittney Lezon
Animation Cleanup, Background Artist


Michelle Deleppo
Marketing & Community


Matt Lyon
Level Design


Jon Myers
Voice Direction, Narrative Assistance


Shannon Daly
Voiceover Engineer

Sarah Elmaleh
Voice Actor (Ally, others)


Ashly Burch
Voice Actor (Sarah)

Sean Chiplock
Voice Actor (Doug, others)


Chris Rando
Voice Actor (Joseph, others)


Geoffrey Campbell
Voice Actor (Paul Revere)


Ed Mace
Voice Actor (Samuel Adams)

Cyrus Nemati
Voice Actor (Thomas Gage)


Caroline Murphy
Voice Actor (Deborah Sampson, Barbara Baker)


Chris Ciulla
Voice Actor (John Hancock, Benjamin Church, Bartender, Redcoats)


Billy Nichols
Community Manager/Voice Actor (Samuel Prescott, Ruffians)


Khadeja Merenkov
Voice Actor (Penelope Knight)


Brian Moyer
Voice Actor (Lieutenant, Patriot Commander, Alan Ward, Marcus Knight)


Matthew Phillion
Voice Actor (Joseph Warren)


Troy Siegried
Voice Actor (William Dartmouth, John Pitcairn)